Ducksin the Devil Rubber Duck

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For heaven sake, it doesn’t take an angel to see, there's a little devil in each of us burning to be free.

Each duck is uniquely designed to promote and communicate its individual personality and character. Adding to their individuality, each is adorned with a tattoo reflecting its unique personality on its tail-feathers. In addition, each duck has its own hatch date and engaging bio, found on the card tags.


Product Specifications:

  • Comes packaged in a nicely designed gift box
  • Duck is weighted and sealed = floats upright & no retaining water
  • Duck Size: Approximately 5"/13cm long, 3"/7.5cm wide, 5.25"/13.5cm high
  • Box Size: 5.25"/13.5cm long, 3.5"/9cm long, 6"/15cm high





 rubba, devil, sin, red, horns, flames, pitchfork, holidays, halloween

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