Gobble the Turkey Rubber Duck

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This is your Thanksgiving holiday rubber ducky...with a Gobble Gobble here, and a Gobble Gobble there, here a Gooble, there a Gobble, everyone just loves this Gobble!

Each duck is uniquely designed to promote and communicate its individual personality and character. Adding to their individuality, each is adorned with a tattoo reflecting its unique personality on its tail-feathers. In addition, each duck has its own hatch date and engaging bio, found on the card tags.


Product Specifications:

  • Comes packaged in a nicely designed gift box
  • Duck is weighted and sealed = floats upright & no retaining water
  • Duck Size: Approximately 5"/13cm long, 3"/7.5cm wide, 5.25"/13.5cm high
  • Box Size: 5.25"/13.5cm long, 3.5"/9cm long, 6"/15cm high





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